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Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council is the largest of Scotland's 32 authorities

With 600, 000 residents, 80,000 school pupils and 10,000 office workers to provide frontline essential services to, Glasgow City Council uses a unique and innovative structure to deliver this to Glasgow's citizens.

The Glasgow Family consists of the council's services plus a number of external companies owned by the council named Arms Length External Organisations (ALEOS) of which ACCESS is one. We are delivering for Glasgow City Council in a number of ways: with savings achieved through our cost saving reforms, by improving support services for employees and by transforming the working environment with an extensive Transformation Programme.

Glasgow City Council has five key objectives in its Council Plan, to:

1. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services
2. Increase access to lifelong learning
3. Make Glasgow a cleaner, safer City
4. Build a prosperous City
5. Improve health and wellbeing

ACCESS plays an important role supporting Glasgow City Council in achieving these objectives and delivering vital services to the people of Glasgow.

For more information about Glasgow City Council visit:

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