Improving Cancer Journey

A day in the life of an Improving the Cancer Journey Link Worker - Tracey Cochran

The importance of technology in our daily lives in undeniable. We use it every day - at work, at home and on the move, helping us to improve efficiencies and gain better communication. Tracey Cochran's story is just another example of how ACCESS continues to play a key role in supporting and developing the IT needs of our customer;

Tracey is a Link Worker on the award-winning Improving the Cancer Journey team in Financial Services. Since February 2015 the team have been using tablets to help deliver services more efficiently and at a location that's convenient to the client.

A typical day sees Tracey travelling from her home, with her encrypted tablet, to her first of three appointments.

Tracey's first appointment takes place in the home of Mr Smith, a 59 year old man, diagnosed with bowel cancer. Tracey meets with Mr Smith to explain what she can do to support him. She uses her tablet to access the 'Carefirst' system where she inputs all the relevant information about Mr Smith - completing the necessary online forms which record a variety of demographic, housing, caring and medical information.

After discussing her client's concerns, Tracey creates an individual Careplan for Mr Smith. This includes an online referral to a housing professional; a referral for Long Term Conditions and Macmillan benefit service; a full benefits review and an application for a Macmillan grant.

Tracey also makes a referral to the occupational therapist desktop within Carefirst to make sure Mr. Smith is prioritised for home adaptations once he is re-housed. She also completes forms for an online referral to Beatson Psychology to help Mr Smith with his anxiety.

On returning to the office Tracey uses her tablet to log into Infoview Business Objects which allows her to generate Mr Smith's letter, his GP letters and the individual Careplan.

Using an encrypted tablet minimises any security issues. And Wi-Fi and 4G capability mean that Tracey is always able to access the Carefirst systems.