Modern Apprentice of the Year

Glasgow City Council is hosting their annual Celebration & Awards Ceremony. The awards, now in their 6th year, recognise achievements of individuals and employers involved in working with our young people and ACCESS is proud to be a part of this.

This year, five of our Modern Apprentices have been nominated for the coveted award of Modern Apprentice of the Year (from left to right); Hammad Rehman, Christopher McCafferty, Shannon Fern and Shannon Stokes. Before the big night, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to check-in with our four finalists and their time at ACCESS:

Hammad Rehman - Level 1 Analyst, Service Delivery

"Since leaving school last November I have gained a vast amount of knowledge in a short space of time. In December of last year I joined ACCESS and have been overwhelmed with the support I have received. I have been given many great opportunities in order to build confidence and also learned about how to work more efficiently in the work place. Coming from school I had no previous background in using all the applications which are supported by ACCESS. However in my job role as a Service Desk Analyst I have been able to develop my understanding for these applications and also become very competent in communicating with customers. My favourite part about working in ACCESS is getting to speak to all different types of people either on the phone or in the workplace. In my opinion, I have a head start in starting my professional career in IT as I have been learning whilst doing the job as well. I am surprised myself I have been able to learn a vast amount in such very little."

Christopher McCafferty - Level 1 Analyst, Service Delivery

"Comparing how I was just over a year ago to how I am now would be like night and day. Not only have my technical abilities greatly increased, I have also gained a firm grip on customer service skills, and I feel I am constantly improving in this area the longer I am here. After my experience on the phones as well as through project work, I feel able to adapt to most situations, and I'm beginning to welcome challenges. The confidence gained from the apprenticeship has been huge, and has greatly prepared me for the working world."

Shannon Fern - Level 1 Analyst, Service Delivery

"Before I started my Modern Apprenticeship within ACCESS I had always been interested in working in IT. Being a first line analyst on the Service Desk has not only helped develop my skills with a computer and confidence in talking to people, but has also given me the challenge of working in a pressurised, target driven environment so early in my career. One of the reasons I love being a Modern Apprentice working on the Service Desk is that every day is a school day, you learn so much in a limited amount of time along beside experienced individuals while also working towards level 8 SQVF."

Shannon Stokes - Learning and Development Assistant, Organisational Development

"During my Modern Apprenticeship at ACCESS I have been given a lot of great opportunities to learn life skills and build my confidence. Before I started I felt that I wasn't that confident as I never had a lot of background experience with using Microsoft Tools such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word. However, with my job role as a Learning and Development assistant this has not only helped me become more confident but it has made me feel more competent in creating databases for senior employees.

One of the things I love about being a Modern Apprentice is that you are working with established individuals who can give you the best possible mentoring, whilst also being treated as a valued member of the team.  I believe that my apprenticeship has helped me start my career and allowed me to find skills that I never thought I'd be able to achieve in such a short period of time."

The awards will take place in Glasgow City Chambers on the evening of Wednesday 30th November. Each of our employees will be a VIP guest at the ceremony and will receive a Recognition and Achievement certificate from the Leader of the Council.

We would like to this opportunity to congratulate each of them and wish them the best of luck for the night ahead.