Lean Six sigma for Public Sector Organisations conference

A proud moment as ACCESS was asked to present at the Lean Six sigma for Public Sector Organisations conference to discuss our achievements in utilising the Lean Six Sigma methodology and how we have embedded this across the organisation.

Last month, as champions of Lean Six Sigma, ACCESS was asked to participate in the Lean Six sigma for Public Sector Organisations conference. The interactive workshop showcased the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodology and how this powerful practice has been applied to public contexts, clearing up any misconceptions that this is only utilised within the manufacturing industry.

With the number of people in government employment in the UK predicted to reduce by a further 1.1 million by 2018-19, the need to continue to drive effective and efficient public services will remain a clear focus in the face of anticipated further budget reductions. Lean Six Sigma has proved to be a powerful methodology to reduce operational costs and improve customer and stakeholder satisfaction across all sectors.

On Monday 24th April, at the conference in Edinburgh, a number of public sector organisations showcased their involvement with LSS methodology, as well as, sharing some key lessons learned whilst executing this. Led by Professor Antony of Heriot Watt University, Bryan Rodgers of Police Scotland and Derek Penman QPM who is Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary in Scotland, the conference proved valuable taking all participants on a journey of LSS, culminating with some success stories of the implementation of this within ACCESS.

As a key speaker at the event, Julie Christie, Director of HR, OD & Comms was delighted to participate and actively speak on behalf of the company stating:-

"The event itself was a great showcase of the measurable difference that can be achieved using Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Our own ACCESS LSS journey has enabled us to create a culture of continuous improvement, develop our employees and make process improvements which make for a faster, leaner service to our customers."

Paul Morgan, Continuous Improvement Manager and Debbie Niven, Talent & Leadership Development Manager also showcased the ACCESS LSS journey and brought to life some of the projects which have been managed by our Continuous Improvement Team, explaining the importance of embedding this mind-set within the culture of the organisation. Marie Glancy, Business Improvement Manager, emulated this mind-set by lending a helping hand on the day, supporting our speakers and answering any questions around previous successful yellow belt projects.

The ACCESS presentation was well received and stimulated valuable discussion among conference delegates.

ACCESS continue to utilise LSS methodologies, running new projects throughout the year, to challenge how we think about processes, streamlining areas for improvement along with adding value to the organisation.

To date, we have undertaken over 51 continuous improvement projects which have delivered over £1m cost/capacity reductions, almost half of this we have been able to pass back to our customer. Along with the tangible results of the success of LSS initiative within ACCESS, we have seen a great increase in the engagement of our staff and most importantly the improved satisfaction of our customer.

Stay tuned for more updates on the work we do with Lean Six Sigma.