Career Ready Finale Event

An emotional day last week, as our Summer Interns flew the nest to mark the end of their ACCESS journey. Our colleagues, who joined ACCESS as part of the Career Ready scheme, brought some enthusiastic cheer around the office over the last four weeks as they were formally introduced to the world of work.

Career Ready is a fantastic charity which links employers with schools and colleges to open up the world of work to young people. More than 14,000 students have benefitted from the Career Ready programme since 2002 with ACCESS being involved over the last four years.

This year's troop saw five shy students become fully fledged ACCESS employees as they started their roles within three areas of the business - Property, Change & Organisation Development. As the weeks progressed, it wasn't long before we saw them blossom into mature young adults where they were telling us how to best do things. Some of their pivotal projects over their time with us has included our charity event which raised £1730 and, of course, the newsletter takeover which saw them morph into budding press reporters for the company.

It's tradition in ACCESS for our young adults to present their journey to some of the workforce and this year especially didn't disappoint. At the event on 21st July, we got an insight into their career journey and how having this experience has allowed their confidence to soar putting them in good stead for future prospects.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of them the best of luck in their future endeavours; the office will definitely be a lot quieter without you here.

Just before they left, as their last task, we asked our working adults to tell us a bit about their time here and this is what they had to say:-


My experience here has been a great one as I have learned how to tackle tasks in a more efficient manner as I had previously been quite lazy in school. Things I will take away with me are that I am able to complete any task if I put my head to it and stick in and also how welcoming people in a workplace can be. The biggest challenge I faced was overcoming my confidence issues as I am very shy however I feel as I have come out of my shell over the course of the 4 weeks and that is one of my proudest moments.

Marco Spalding, St Mungo's High School


From this internship I will be taking the knowledge I learnt and the memories I made away with me, the most challenging thing for me was approaching people first because I have never felt the confidence to do that but now I do and I have done it a lot throughout this month. My proudest moment was the fundraiser event, we raised a lot of money and it was really successful. This has given me more knowledge of the world of work and taught me so much that I didn't know, it has gotten me really excited for my future and what is coming ahead. Thank you so much to everyone for your support and making me feel really welcome here.

Massra Darmish, Bellahouston Academy


This month was very eventful, I became more independent and my confidence level has increased. The most challenging thing for me was to keep up with the information-as every day I was receiving a lot of valuable knowledge. I met wonderful people with a terrific sense of humour- who were keen to help me whenever I needed assistance. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, for your time and for introducing me to the World of Work... and of course adulthood!

Anneta Kiraga, Eastbank Academy


Throughout my internship, I have learned what it is like in a work environment and how to work independently. I also learned how to be more confident in talking to others. I will take away the knowledge and experience I gained, as I learned so many things throughout the journey in ACCESS, and have done things I would never normally do. This has helped me as it has given me an experience and a career path that I would otherwise never have, and has helped me become a more confident and knowledgeable person, which will surely help me in the path to the future.

Kennedy Riches, St Thomas Aquinas


My time at ACCESS is unforgettable, I have learned numerous new things working alongside OD and CI, seeing the work done by the council behind the scenes is amazing, I've gained so many new skills since being here which I will be able to use in the future. The people within ACCESS are all so lovely, all so welcoming and feels like a big family as soon as you enter the room - I have made friends from this experience that will last me a lifetime. This has opened up a new career path for me as I would really consider working for a business such as ACCESS in the future and if I had the opportunity to return I wouldn't think twice, all thanks to Career Ready.

Amy Boyle, Holyrood Secondary School