Lean Six Sigma Celebration Event

Lean Six Sigma is the methodology used to improve business performance that has blended the two individual specialisms of Lean and Six Sigma. Both strategies are among the most used worldwide and have experienced proven success in a wide variety of industries and services.

Two years ago, after an audit of existing processes within ACCESS, it was discovered that developments had to be made in order to improve the wasted resources and problems in current processes which was costing the company money. These improvements, however, could not be achieved through traditional thinking alone and so the ACCESS Lean Six Sigma Programme was formed to help tackle these issues.

Fast-forward to 2017 and since the programme's conception; we have seen a number of inspiring projects over the years which has aided in the company benefitting from a total saving of £1.23m, as well as, career progression for our staff and most importantly improved satisfaction for our customer.

To date, we have had 33 Yellow belt projects with another 5 joining our ranks last week at our official Lean Six Sigma Celebration Event. This was our 5th cohort who implemented some challenging projects across a widespread area of the organisation from Social Care to Criminal Justice, really showcasing the length of our reach and how the Lean Six Sigma methodology can be used across these areas.


Here is a look at some of the projects this time round and the names of our newly qualified Yellow Belts:-

Laura Bruning, Applications - Social Care Reusable Scripts

Eileen Barrett, Applications - Scottish Criminal Justice Data Tidy up Process

John Turner & Scott Fergie, Portfolio Management - Improving the Change reporting process

Mark Murphy, Service Delivery - Firewall change logging

Lyle Freeman, Portfolio Management - Reducing Project Change Controls for IT projects


A massive well done to these guys for their hard work over the last couple of months, these truly are impressive results! We also have to thank their mentors Paul Morgan and Marie Glancy who assisted in getting each of these projects over the finish line and implemented.

Our celebration event, to recognise these individuals, was great fun with our newly certified Yellow Belts being presented with their badge of honour and certificate from our HR, OD & Comms Director, Julie Christie (see pictures below).

The event also acted as an opportunity for our next batch of cohorts to meet colleagues who have been through the process, testing knowledge and sharing tips. Our cohort 6 projects have officially begun and we can't wait to see what impressive results they will be able to come up with!

Pictured below (left to right): Scott Fergie, Laura Bruning, John Turner, Eileen Barrett, Lyle Freeman and Mark Murphy

              Yellow Belt - Cohort 5